Celebrate life.

Let's create a celebration profile for your loved one

  1. Create a profile for the person you’re celebrating. You’ll start by uploading a photo of them.
  2. Once their profile is complete, add one of your favorite memories you’ve shared with this person. This is your chance to be an author and tell a story. The more content the better. Feel free to share your experience with a video or audio file.
  3. Share their profile with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. Social media and email are great places to start!
  4. Relive your and other’s best moments with your loved one. Feel their impact and allow future generations to understand this person from the perspectives of those who knew them best.
  5. Keep sharing and encourage others to do so. This way, people contribute more memories as they’re reminded of special moments with the person you’re celebrating in their day to day life.

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